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ClutterClarity can work with you anywhere in the world remotely or hands-on in your home in MetroWest Boston, primarily in Acton, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Maynard, Medford, Needham, Newton, Stow, Sudbury, Watertown, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston and Winchester, Massachusetts.

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Recent Successes

Helped client decide how to revise her will before her 80th birthday   Organized senior living apartment, donated truckload of belongings Taught 30 year old time management  and prioritizing skills so she can enjoy her days more Decluttered home, trashed or donated 10 bags of broken toys Shopped for furniture, set up beautiful bedroom Organized office, papers for client’s divorce Facilitated family communications, managed downsize and move, set-up of new apartment for senior couple Decluttered, organized home to make room for 2nd baby.


In the News - Preventing Clutter by Sharing Stuff

Thank you Nancy Shohet West for including ClutterClarity in this wonderful article about another innovative way Americans are coming together to share our abundance.


“Library of Things is part of the Sharing Economy, a growing trend to counter the cost and consequences of excessive or mindless accumulation that has cluttered homes and polluted our planet. The Library of Things demonstrates that Americans are shifting their deeply held belief of isolation and independence to one of connection and interdependence.”
 -- Laura Moore, ClutterClarity LLC

Need a cake pan? Try the ‘Library of Things’

By Nancy Shohet West | GLOBE CORRESPONDENT  OCTOBER 26, 2018

Stopping by the library? No need to limit yourself to books and a DVD or two. While you’re there, consider whether you have any short-term use for a novelty cake pan, a jigsaw puzzle, a food dehydrator, a label maker, a trowel, a guitar, or a telescope.

Books remain at the crux of any public library’s collection, but such institutions are starting to think far outside the box when it comes to patrons’ needs, as demonstrated when the Boston Public Library earlier this month launched an initiative to lend out mobile WiFi hotspots, portable devices that provide Internet access by tracking signals from cell towers.

In the suburbs, library-goers are discovering everything from musical instruments to household tools in newly eclectic collections, which are commonly referred to as a “Library of Things.”

According to Kristi Chadwick of the Massachusetts Library System, a state-supported collaborative that provides services to libraries throughout the state, the concept began decades ago with art prints. “But what it has evolved into is finding ways for libraries to support their communities in ways they did not traditionally do by looking at the needs of the community in areas beyond literacy,” she said.

As many area librarians who oversee Library of Things collections see it, the items essentially fall into two broad categories: items that will be used only rarely, such as a novelty cake pan or a label maker; or try-before-you-buy items that a prospective consumer might want to test-drive before purchasing, such as a video camera or a musical instrument.

Read the entire article here.

Turning Clutter Into Scholarship Money

The Jewel Queens Selling Donated Jewelry

Decluttering NOW can literally change a kid’s FUTURE.

Donate your jewelry clutter to United Woman’s Club of Concord to support their quest to raise $9,000, so worthy kids can attend Concord/Carlisle Regional High School. ($3,000 given to 3 students.)

Together, we can help them raise more!

Declutter your jewelry in NOVEMBER for December FAIR.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your jewelry uncluttered and organized by Thanksgiving? An hour or two? Declutter your jewelry - the lonely earring, the jewelry you “haven’t worn in ages” or that piece “you never liked!”

Not now? Look ahead to get free of your clutter by Independence Day 2019!


The Jewel Queens will Sell Your Jewels at Two Upcoming Fairs:

December 1, 2018 - Harvey Wheeler Community Center, West Concord, MA
July 4, 2019 - Concord Outdoor Picnic, Emerson Park, Concord, MA

Sharing Clutter - Sharing Wealth

Members of the United Womens Club of Concord

To arrange donation drop-off or pick-up in Concord or Carlisle, email Jill Henderson at (Please mention that you heard of this via ClutterClarity Newsletter.)

Live at a distance? No Worries - ClutterClarity will deliver your jewels to The Jewel Queens for you!

Mail your jewelry clutter to:
ClutterClarity LLC
Box 84
Concord, MA 01742

Jewelry sold, money raised, lives changed.


Brilliant Solution to Clothes Clutter - Rent, Return, Share

Rent the Runway is another great example of how Americans are preventing clutter accumulation and financial waste. It's all part of the fast-growing trend of the Sharing Economy   

My New York City client raves about this service.

Real Life ClutterClarity Story
Rose called me up after watching my videos on the ClutterClarity YouTube channel. She had lost a lot of weight, had more to lose, and was getting married in just a few months! Rose wanted to "make room for her fiancé!" (Just love that.)  Weekly phone coaching sessions helped her learn how to declutter her overstuffed clothes closet with ease - in the limited time that she had. While on the phone together, Rose went through her clothes, one category at a time. With all the wedding plans, our collaboration expanded to include emotional and time management skill-building so she could organize/manage her to-do lists and calendar without feeling overwhelmed. Only when she sent me gorgeous wedding photos did I see the magnificent woman I had the privilege of working with. 

Rent the Runway
Rose loves looking great every day. With Rent the Runway, she could click her heels down the sidewalk, free of worry. Brilliantly, as she lost 60 pounds, she rented (and returned) clothes and the special dresses for her wedding events. She saved tons of money and time, and prevented impulsive shopping in stores. Her husband is really happy, too! All the money that would have gone into clothes is money saved for their new house. Our collaboration now shifts to helping her navigate house hunting and moving. A happy, uncluttered ending to a storybook wedding. 


ClutterClarity Webinars - Spring 2019!


Announcing new service - THREE SPRING 2019 WEBINARS! Decluttering, organizing, downsizing just got easier, even enjoyable. No matter where you live, you can join me! Register for one or all today. Details:

1) How We Got Into This Mess
2) How To Make Time When You Don’t Have Any
3) How To Take the Difficulty Out of Decluttering


ClutterClarity Downsizing Class - Concord, MA

How to Survive Downsizing:
Protect your Time, Money and Energy while Decluttering

Mondays, October 18, October 25, November 1, 2018, 7:00-8:30 PM
Concord/Carlisle Regional High School, Concord, MA

Decluttering and downsizing challenges the most able among us! It’s complex, emotionally messy work. We all have to do it, but stuff keeps on getting in the way, doesn’t it? Joining this class will turn your dread into discovery. Everything becomes figure-out-able. 

Learn how to steadily show up with confidence, even when the unpredictable happens. When you know how to think it through, your project can be done without worry or waste. ClutterClarity’s essential fresh perspective and step-by-step process makes it possible to:

  • Stay motivated
  • Trust your decisions
  • Make good use of your time
  • Spend your money wisely
  • Reduce the burden of the work
Emphasis will be placed on how to make and protect your time, and how to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Progress can't be made without these two prerequisites.

No matter your unique circumstances, decluttering and downsizing just got easier, even enjoyable. Imagine that!

SPECIAL: Attend all three classes to receive a free PDF copy of ClutterClarity’s Resource Guide - Paper Clarity: What to Keep, Where and When to Shred.

Register soon! Seating is limited to 15, first come first serve.